14k Natural Cabachon Green Onyx Ring


Beautiful medium green stone with a fantastic custom 14k shank.  The unusal desgin is definately a conversation starter.  Coming from New York, the artistry is easily seen.  The "V" pattern crown prong is not only unique, but holds the chrysoprase tightly.  A woman in the oil business passed this ring on from her aunt's collection. 


With a triangular crystal structure, onyx is a member of the chalcedony quartz family and has a hardness level of 7. The stone’s chemical formula is SiO2. Mined in places like California, Brazil, Uruguay, and India, onyx has a smooth and very fine texture.


Onyx is a great stone which helps to get rid of all negative perceptivity. It helps to you to move forward from all kind of sorrow, grief, depression. It improves your self-confidence. Onyx is popularly used to improve eye, hair, nail, kidney and system. The most important part is Onyx has the ability for opening the chakras.


  • Solid 14k Yellow Gold (tested)
  • Natural Cabachon Green Onyx Stone approx. 4.48cts
  • 3/8" inch length
  • 5/16" inch width
  • Size 7
  • c.1960's-1970's
  • 5.59 grams
  • No Appraisal

14k Cabachon Green Onyx Ring

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