14k Persian Black Sapphire Fringe Necklace


Beautiful Persian Fringe necklace that was acquired right here in San Antonio.  This is a true collar so it sits high up on the neckline.  It is a perfect accent and can be layered or used as a stand alone piece for a mid level neckline shirt.  The deep brownish-black colored sapphires are natural with some containing asterism (star sapphires).  Great cocktail piece and even looks amazing with a crisp white collared shirt and a pair of jeans and heels.  A lovely gift for yourself or loved one.  NO cracks or chips to stones and NO breaks or dents to metal work.  


* Solid 14k Yellow Gold (tested) with 22k flashing
* Fourteen Natural Cabochon Cut Black Sapphires 3.50cts (some display asterism - "star sapphires")
* 15" inches in length (true collar) with "S" clasp
* c.1980's-1990's
* 8.9 grams
* Appraisal Value $1,100 (Original Included)


The black sapphire helps us eliminate the negative energies of the chakras and the aura, acting as a reminder field of total responsibility for one’s thoughts and feelings. And it goes beyond allowing you to understand and assume your responsibilities and gives you guidance and acceptance.  It is also a stone of courage, strengthening ambitions and the strength to continue and go beyond the unattainable horizon.


Sapphire will always remind you the truth is the best.  Black sapphire is a stone that is linked to the protection that can help you keep all the time on all the things that can harm you. They will help you maintain mental and physical control over your life.

14k Persian Black Sapphire Fringe Necklace

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