14k Tooth Crown and Cap Set


These are out of Texas with no provenance.  There is one faux tooth attached and one natural human tooth that is broken.  These are vintage, NOT antique.  Probably from around the 1940's-1950's.  Gold started to be taken over by silver fillings around 1960's

This tradition of gold teeth dates back to the late 1700 to early 1800's when runaway slaves had encounters with the Indians. The Natives helped the slaves escape and they celebrated freedom this gave birth to the Mardi Gras Indian. Many Slaves intermarried with Native Americans who wore gold teeth. It became a tradition for African-Americans who are of French Creole, African and Native American descent to have more than one gold tooth, in homage of their Native ancestors. This tradition was strongly carried out by families in New Orleans for centuries.

After Jim Crow a lot of sharecroppers from Louisiana migrated to East Texas. East Texas had the most land and was purchased by poor families from Louisiana. Bootleggers and pimps sported gold teeth during that time as well. After 1980, gold inlays and gold foil work became rare in the United States.


  • Solid 14k Yellow Gold (tested)
  • 15/16" inch long
  • 3/8" inch at widest point
  • c.1960's
  • 6.68 grams
  • No Appraisal

14k Tooth Crown and Cap Set

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