RARE Antique 18k Color Change Sapphire Ring

This extremely rare hand crafted antique ring comes to us from England. It is simple in design with beautiful craftsmanship. The oval center stone is a natural color changing sapphire. This stone is original to the ring with NO cracks, chips or breaks. A ring of this nature is very rare and very hard to come by. I am excited to have it in store! The purple color changes to a deeper pink. The color change is medium in nature and seen better in natural sunlight. The metal work is excellent with with NO cracks, dents or breaks. This ring lays lower than most traditional rings, which makes it perfect for that lady on the go and can be worn with gloves for that person who wears gloves as part of their profession or hobby. A perfect alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.


  • Solid 18k Yellow Gold (stamped)
  • Natural Color Change Purple Sapphire 1.50cts
  • Medium Pinkish / Purple Tone 5, Saturation 5 VS Type II
  • (mild abrasions to stone, unseen my the naked eye)
  • Size - 6
  • 2.25 grams
  • c. 1900-1920's
  • Appraisal Value $1,850.00 (Original Included)


Color change sapphire is a rare and elegant kind of gemstone of the mineral corundum. It has the unusual capability to switch colors when observed under separate light sources.


The purple sapphire allows the body to heal on a cellular level, which can be very helpful in treating eye issues as well as blood disorders. It can aid in discharging the pressure, tension, and despondency of the mind. It can likewise help with sleeping disorders and other rest related issues.

RARE Antique 18k Color Change Sapphire Ring

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