18k Art Deco Orange Blossom Diamond Ring


If your looking for ring with history then look no more!  This is an original Deco engagement ring with punch outs accents that flank the center stone and allow the underside of the diamond to be flooded with light.  It is a smaller size engagement ring with lots of hand crafted detailing.  The stone is in perfect condition with NO cracks or chips.  The gold metal work is superb and show very little wear. This would make a very nice engagement ring for those on a budget or even a beautiful push or birthday gift.  Can be stacked with other rings easily or worn as a stand alone piece.  The orange blossom design became very popular during the time of Queen Victoria as she wore an orange blossom crown and adorned her dress with orange blossoms for her wedding to Prince Albert.  This ring made it's way from New York and is ready to find a forever home.


  • Solid 18k White Gold (stamped)
  • Natural Old European Cut Diamond .16cts
  • Hand Crafted with No Maker's Marks
  • Size 6 (US)
  • 2.1 grams
  • c. 1920's
  • Appraisal Value is $1,200.00 (Original Included)


Diamond is considered a master healer for its ability to unify the mind and body. It is best used as a support stone, amplifying the powers of other minerals when working on specific issues, especially where congestion of energy has caused a physical imbalance.  The Diamond is beneficial in purifying and strengthening brain function, nerves and sensory organs. It is thought to aid in balancing the brain hemispheres, and to be good for strokes, epilepsy, and to combat aging of the cells and restoring energy levels.

18k Art Deco Orange Blossom Diamond Ring

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