18k Herringbone & Mariner 30' Chain


Unique two style chain in one.  Proportionate segments of herringbone and flat mariner chains attached seamlessly.  Bright shine with NO bends or kinks.  Spring ring in perfect working order.  From the estate of a retired archaeologist who kept it wrapped in a chain cloth over the years.  Nice chain for stacking or for wearing  as a stand alone piece.


  • Solid 18k Yellow Gold (stamped)
  • Origin - Italy (stamped)
  • 3mm 30" Chain 
  • 11.98 grams
  • c. 1980's
  • No Appraisal on this item as it is based on scrap value and retail market value


Scrap Value is $441.00 with $1529.30 / troy ounce = 11.98 grams (equals 7.70 DWT, also known as pennyweight) as of Jan 2, 2020

Please use a gold calculator to verify daily scrap value like the one linked below:



18k Herringbone & Mariner 30' Chain

SKU: AM-53

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