1930's Black Onyx 10k Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Class Ring


This gent's class ring will make a great ring for a college grad or to add to your collection of vintage jewelry.  It is nice, heavy and constructed out of 10k gold.  The face is natural black onyx with the Phi Delta Theta crest front and center.  The crest is a shield with a helmet, arm holding a scroll and six stars separated by a sword. The scroll at the bottom reads, "Εἰς ἀνὴρ οὐδεις ἀνήρ".  Translations - Literal: One man is no man / Freely: We enjoy life through the help and society of others.  The letters are worn from age on this ring.  There is noticeable wear of cracks and chips to onyx (please view photos.)  The stone is not in danger of falling out or disintegrating in any way.  The 10k and LGB (L.G. Balfour Co.) stamps are found on the inside of band.  This ring made it's way from New Mexico to find a new home.  


So makes Phi Delta Theta so brag worthy?  Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ), commonly known as Phi Delt, is an international social fraternity founded at Miami University in 1848 and headquartered in Oxford, Ohio.  In protest against the president of the university, members of Beta Theta Pi and another fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi, blocked the entrances of the main educational and administrative building in what became known as the Great Snowball Rebellion of 1848.  After the president expelled most of the students involved in the uprising, Phi Delta Theta was formed by six men (known at the Immortal Six) staying in a dormitory the day after Christmas.  Phi Delta Theta was created under three principal objectives: "the cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality".  After the end of World War II, the fraternity was confronted with the social changes sweeping college campuses in the United States. Like many fraternities, Phi Delta Theta had a restrictive clause barring membership to African-Americans, Asians, Jews, and Muslims.  It took years of debate and by 1954, Phi Delta Theta eliminated the clause and became one of the first fraternities to eliminate any restriction based on race, color, or creed.  Among the best-known members of the fraternity are Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States, Adlai Stevenson I, Baseball Hall of Fame member Lou Gehrig, actor Burt Reynolds, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon, and John S. McCain Sr., U.S. Navy Admiral and grandfather of John McCain.


* Solid 10k Yellow Gold (stamped)
* Maker (L.G.B) L.G. Balfour Co.
* Phi Delta Theta Crest is 10k Yellow Gold (tested)
* Natural Black Onyx
* Size 8.5 (US)
* Face measures 3/4" inch in length x 9/16" inch wide
* 13.01 grams
* c.1930's-40's


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Price is set with a deduction taken for onyx weight and wear to ring face.


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1930's Black Onyx 10k Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Class Ring

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