1940's Phoenix Costume Brooch


This amazing phoenix accented by crystals and faux opal stones in ready to fly off to a new owner.  Set in gold and silver tone with wings spread wide in a majestic stance.  A red glass stone makes this little lady's eye sparkle with strength.  Milgrain design work to the wings really makes them pop. The pin and latch are in perfect working order and all stones are set securely. A perfect gift for that person who is going through a rebirth due to loss, divorce, change in career path or is battling health issues.  It is just the right size to be worn on a coat, heavy sweater, hat or bag.  


* Gold & Silver Tone (NOT real gold or silver)
* No Maker's Mark
* Crystal, Glass and Faux Opal Stones
* Measures 2" inches from wing tip to tip
* Measures 1 3/4" inches from top of head to tail
* 13.60 grams
* circa. 1940's


The phoenix bird symbolizes immortality, resurrection and life after death, and in ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology it is associated with the sun god.  According to the Greeks, the bird lives in Arabia, near a cool well. Every morning at dawn, the sun god would stop his chariot to listen to the bird sing a beautiful song while it bathed in the well.


Only one phoenix exists at a time, and so when the bird felt its death was near, every 500 to 1,461 years, it would build a nest of aromatic wood then strike it's beak against a rock, which sparks flames. Then, he flaps his wings like a bellows, setting his nest and then himself on fire. The bird then was consumed by the flames.  A new phoenix sprang forth from the pyre. It embalmed the ashes of its predecessor in an egg of myrrh and flew with it to Heliopolis, the "city of the sun," where the egg was deposited on the altar of the sun god. In Egypt, it was usually depicted as a heron, but in classic literature as a peacock or an eagle.

1940's Phoenix Costume Brooch

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