Antique 15k Large Garnet Sealed Locket Ring


Unique is an understatement. This ring is large and partially covers the two adjacent fingers.  The ring looks like a large brooch or pendant locket that was converted into a ring and sealed.  There is something rattling around inside (could be a piece of gold that dis-attached or something that was placed inside as a memento); I do not want to open and take the chance of damaging the ring.  Three garnet cluster flowers adorn the top a very intricate face. The craftsmanship is excellent, you cannot tell that it was not originally a ring.  There is even a comfort groove at the base.  Inscribed inside band are the initials "RRS".  The lady I acquired this lovely piece from lives here in San Antonio, it was part of her mother-in-laws collection who was a fashion editor in Chicago back in the 1940's.


* Solid 15k Yellow Gold (tested)
* Natural Bohemian Garnets approx. 68cts
* Size 6 (US)
* c.1900-1920
* 9 grams
* No Appraisal

Antique 15k Large Garnet Sealed Locket Ring

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