Antique German Tourmaline & Sterling Ring


This ring has seen the world.  Crafted overseas around in the early 1900's, it traveled back to the states an landed here in San Antonio.  It is a ring of the streets!  By that I mean...I literally found this ring over 30 years ago in the parking lot of the Brooks AFB BX (Base Exchange.)  I have had it and enjoyed it for many years and am now ready to let someone else enjoy the simple, classic lines and vivid color of this emerald cut beauty.   Visible natural inclusions, as well as, some visible wear in the form of tiny chips to the stone from age and wear, with NO major cracks, breaks or large chips.  The band is a square flare, which means that the edges are flared to make a more boxed shaped.  It was crafted extremely well with NO metal work passing underneath the tourmaline.  This allows for the stone to shine unhindered.  The band is constructed of silver and stamped 835 which is the European hallmark for 83.5% silver.  From the style and the setting of the band I am guessing that this ring is German, but that is just my best educated guess.  The purity mark was used by many European countries.  Simplicity and beauty that would let anyone know who much they are thought of.  Share a little piece of history with the one you love.


* 835 Silver (stamped)
* Natural Green Tourmaline approx. 1.34cts
* No Maker's Mark
* Origin Germany
* Size 5.5 US
* 3.11 grams
* c. 1905-1920

Antique German Tourmaline & Sterling Ring

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