Antique Pocket Watch Pendant Rolled Gold Chain


This long 24" inch Spiga (Wheat) chain was originally manufactured to be used with either a ladies pocket watch pendant or a pair of hanging glasses.  Most clients use these now a days to enjoy antique pendants.  The dog clip and spring ring are original to the chain and both in perfect working order.  The rolled gold wheat chain most likely has a sterling silver base as it does not react to a magnet and is polished to a high shine with NO breaks or missing links.  The beauty of rolled gold is, that the high shine lasts and you will NOT need to polish regularly; it is perfect for daily wear! This chain was acquired from Colorado and along with the Ladies Elgin pocket watch I have listed.  I have separated the two for sale.  It is a perfect chain for layering and is very sturdy for those who have young children that like to grab and yank at jewelry.


  • Rolled Gold (NOT solid gold)
  • 24" inches in length
  • 3mm thick Spiga (Wheat) Chain
  • 8.20 grams
  • c.1900 - 1915

Antique Pocket Watch Pendant Rolled Gold Chain

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