Artisan Christmas Elf in Box Pin 


This fun and festive little Elf is hand crafted and was originally purchased at a charity event in  Casper, Wyoming.  Sprinkled with glitter and ready to adorn a sweater, jacket, bag or present box.  Very durable with no paint or details missing.  The pin arm and backer are gold tone and in perfect working order.  Little elf stand on it's own and is perfect for a child's room shelf.  Let's help this little elf find a new home!


* Hard Plaster
* Hand Crafted & Painted
* 2 1/8" inches from tip of star to bottom of feet
* 1 1/2" inches wide from hand to hand
* Gold Tone Pin Catch
* 15.71 grams
* c.1990's

Artisan Christmas Elf in Box Pin

SKU: AM-254

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