Green Amethyst Sterling Ring


Beautiful light green amethyst with a checkerboard cut set in a sterling silver etched band.  Reminiscent of the Art Deco style, this large solitaire ring would make a perfect BoHo Chic alternative to the traditional engagement ring.  Nice eye clean stone with NO cracks or chips that can change to a light blue color with lighting variations and silver metal work that only shows very mild wear to etched detailing.  This beauty has traveled from Oregon all the way to Texas to find a new home.  A perfect everyday ring that can be stacked or worn as a stand alone piece.  Would make a beautiful gift for a special friend, wife, mom or sister.  


* Sterling Silver (stamped)
* Light Green Amethyst
* Face Measures 11mm tall x 10mm wide
* Etched Design
* Size 6.75 (US)
* 3.46 grams
* c. 1990's


Green amethyst refers to a light green and transparent gemstone belonging to the mineral family of Quartz. It is also known as Vermarine, lime citrine, and more commonly prasiolite, which is a more apt name for the green form of amethyst.


Amethyst comes from ‘amethystos’, a Greek word mentioned even in the New Testament. As per the Greek and Biblical mythologies, amethyst means ‘not drunken’. Thus, it is believed that amethyst tends to ward off drunkenness.


Prasiolite can help bridge this disconnect and translate your spiritual growth into real life peace & connection by activating the heart as the leader of both your thoughts and actions.  It also facilitates a stronger connection to nature. If you want to be an advocate for the environment, but you would rather lead with wisdom and heart rather than pure “warrior energy”, prasiolite is an ideal ally.


Ultimately prasiolite helps to awaken the heart to its rightful place as the center of your human experience and enables your “heart vision”: being able to see through human flaws and failings to the perfection of the Spirit within each person. This is the deep compassion of sages.

Vintage Green Amethyst Sterling Ring

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