10k Natural Druzy (Druse) Pendant


This fantastic brown Druzy pendant is simple and refined.  It has a simple 10k yellow gold wire and bail loop.  My best guess is that this piece was crafted around the 1990's.  It is in excellent condition, with NO scratches or chips to the stone.  The sparkle is amazing!  Perfect BoHo chic pendant and great gift for those crystal loving people you know.  


What is Druzy:  Druzy is a coating of fine crystals that sit atop colorful minerals.  When polished they have an amazing sparkle!


  • Solid 10k Yellow Gold (tested)
  •  Natural Brown Polished Druzy (Double Side Polish)
  •  1.5' inches long
  •  1' inch wide
  •  c.1990's
  •  6.56 gms
  •  No Appraisal

Hand Crafted 10k Brown Druzy Pendant

SKU: IS-35