Fred Harvey Silver Railroad Ring


A little piece of history that has found it's way to my store.  Harvey jewelry had levels of authenticity, stones and pricing; this ring was of a lower grade made of silver, probably coin silver or 800 silver, around the late 1930's into the 40's.  Navajo in design and long in length. The turquoise and coral colored stones are not natural, they are imitation stones and are slightly dulled from age and wear with some chips and natural pitting (priced accordingly.) There is a slight bend to the band near the face of the ring please view video for a better look.  It does not hinder wear or make the ring uncomfortable.  From Santa Fe, NM belonging to a retired archaeologist and collector this ring is now looking for a new home.  Read below for a short bio on Fred Harvey.


  • Fred Harvey
  • Coin Silver or 800 silver (tested)
  • Turquoise stimulant  stone approx. 5/8" inch in length x 5/16" inch wide
  • Red Coral stimulant stone approx. 9/16" inch in length x 5/16" inch wide
  • Size 6.5 (US)
  • 9.90 grams
  • c. late 1940's


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If you have ever watch the Judy Garland movie "Harvey Girls", then you will find yourself interested in Fred Harvey's biography.  He and his sons made famous the railroad restaurant, as well as, railroad  jewelry for tourist that flocked to the Southwest in the early 1900's through the 1950's.  Items were typically assembled out of prefabricated pieces to stock and sell quickly.  Harvey did work with some Native American artisans and hand crafted pieces can be found on the market today.  Here are some good websites into the life of Fred Harvey:

Fred Harvey Silver Railroad Ring

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