Pair of 14k Etched Bangles


Grandma Myrtle's bangles from the 70's.  Myrtle came from Switzerland to the US married a silk designer and had only one child before passing early in years  Her niece is looking to find good homes for some of Myrtle's items and has entrusted me to help.  These bangles are in very good shape with only mild wear.  The shine nicely and at a distance the edges sparkly like there are clear gemstones reflecting in the light.  Stamped with a plain FM and 14k, I believe these to be rare Franklin Mint pieces (please view photos).  Light to wear and perfect for stacking these are sold as a pair and well under new retail pricing.


* Solid 14k Yellow Gold (stamped)
* Possibly Franklin Mint "FM" (stamped)
* 7 1/4" inches in wrist diameter
* 3mm wide
* 8.52 grams as a pair
* c.1970's
* Price is based Troy Ounce Value as of Dec 24, 2019 and Market Rate

* Ring shown is for display purposes only, not included in sale.

Pair of 14k Etched Bangles

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