RARE Edwardian Era 12k Lover's Shell Cameo Earrings


These cameo earrings are quite rare.  They are not only well over 100 years old, but in great condition.  There is some gold tarnish, but I did not want totally remove it as it enhances the true antique nature of these amazing pieces.  The tarnish can be removed with non abrasive chemicals or by polishing on a stone or glass.  THIS SHOULD ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED BY A PROFESSIONAL JEWELER.  

These beautiful earrings were acquired from a lovely lady named Irene.  They belonged to her mother in law who was a fashion editor out of Chicago in the 1930's-40's.  The story is that she was gifted these earrings by a beau who was courting her before she met her husband.  They belonged to his grandmother who lived in Venice before moving to the US after the depression with her husband. They arrived to Louisiana, then moved to New York, and she to Chicago after the passing of her husband.  One earring depicts a male profile and the other a female profile with looks of longing.  Retail on these would be approx. $895-$1,200 due to age and craftsmanship and gold value.  This really is a great value for such a historic pair.


* Solid 12k Yellow Gold (tested)
* Most likely out of Rome (Italy) from the craftsmanship and detail
* Natural Shell Cameos Hand Etched
* NO cracks, chips or deep scratches
* 1 3/8" inch in length
* 3/8" inch at widest section
* 10.09 grams
* No Appraisal

RARE Antique 12k Lover's Shell Cameo Earrings

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