Retro 14k Rose Gold Citrine & Ruby Cocktail Ring Talk about a statement ring! This Citrine Cocktail is colorful with just the right amount of Rubies as an accent. Acquired in Florida at auction this ring has a classic wow factor. The 14k rose gold setting has a beautiful art deco style design and holds a large 45.59ct natural rectangular step cut citrine. The citrine has a small natural cavity that is not easily visible (please view all pictures). On each side of the citrine are a three round cut natural ruby accents. Accompanied by an Independent GIA Graduate Gemologist appraisal with a value at $2,450, this ring is an amazing buy. No family provenance on this item.


*14k Solid Rose Gold (stamped)

* Natural Citrine approx. 45.59cts

* Natural Ruby accents approx .24cts

* Face Measures approx. 1" x 3/4" x 1/2"

* Ring Size 7 (US)

* 17.5 grams

* c. 1950's

* Appraisal Value $2,450.00 (Original Included)


Citrine is a French word which means lemon, because of its color. Citrine is found in a number of places such as Brazil, Spain, France, Russia, US, and a few other countries.  Citrine gained popularity in the 19th century when Queen Victoria used to wear it as part of her jewelry collection, later it was worn by some Scottish people to decorate the handles of swords and daggers.


Citrine drives out anger and gives sanguinity.  It also rejuvenates the body, soul, and mind, giving glowing love. By chasing the negativity away, it spreads harmony and peace.  Citrine is an excellent gemstone for a happy home. It encourages healthy family relationships, creates an affectionate and loving atmosphere and deflects animosity and envy. It is a gemstone of forgiveness and positivity which can help you recover from the pain of a broken heart or recently finished relationship.


Ruby encourages passion and a zest for life.  It improves motivation and setting of realistic goals.  Balances the heart and instills confidence.  Ruby encourages joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage.  It promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland.  Aids in retaining wealth and passion.  Ruby encourages removal of negative energies from your path.  It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor.  Calms hyperactivity.


Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system.  It treats fevers, infectious disease and restricted blood flow.  Ruby stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.

Retro 14k Rose Gold Citrine & Ruby Cocktail Ring

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