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Rustic German Silver & Turquoise Trinket Box


This beautiful box is hand crafted with a natural turquoise stone to the center top which is encased in German Silver.  Each side is hand stamped by artisans out of Mexico in the Navajo style.  A pin hinge secure the top and allows for a wide open angle. German silver is comprised of silver, nickel and copper.  There is some wear light wear (scratches) to top that are original and purposeful for the aged look. The metal is finished with a permanent patina that adds to the rustic Southwest look.  A perfect gift for that loved one that won't break the bank!  Please read past the item specifics for a short bio on J. Alexander.


* Silver, Nickle & Copper Alloyed Metal
* Natural Turquoise Stone
* Measures approx. 4" inches x 3 1/8" inches
* Stands approx. 1 3/4" inches tall
* Origin - Mexico (stamped)
* 346 grams

* c. 2003


J. Alexander is owned and operated by Dallas based interior designer Jason Lenox. Jason had long wanted a line similar to this for his retail store, Anteks Home Furnishings. Not being able to find what he wanted in the traditional gift and accessories markets, he set out to design his own.


His products are crafted from German silver: an alloy containing nickel and copper with each piece being handmade and hand finished. They have a substantial heft and feel solid in your hand. With an applied “vintage finish”, these items look like they could have passed thru a trading post at some point in their past


J. Alexander Rustic Silver items are made one at a time. Each piece is crafted and hand tooled by artisans using techniques that have been around for generations. Each J. Alexander Silver piece will be slightly unique and has a finish that looks somewhat vintage. The turquoise used is hand selected at their shop in Dallas and only the best stones make it onto their products. Their inspiration comes from the work of classic Navajo silversmiths from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Rustic German Silver & Turquoise Trinket Box

SKU: NA-131