Vintage 18k Tiffany & Co. Lapis Ladybug Pin

Let me start off by saying that I am pricing this pin WAY under market value. I included a few links below so that you can verify pricing yourself. These pins run around $1,200-$1,500 as they are Tiffany & Co.. I am NOT including an appraisal for this as there is not much gold material and pricing is purely based on the current market. All markings are visible on the belly of the ladybug (please view photos).

This amazing ladybug pin is from right here in the great state of Texas! It was acquired from the original owner, who purchased it back in the 70's for her spring sweaters. It is in very good condition with NO chips or cracks to the lapis. The lock latch in NOT gold, but silver that was plated for stability as 18k gold is softer and was not usually used for parts that were handled frequently (original to the piece).

* Tiffany & Co. Italy (stamped)
* Solid 18k Yellow Gold Accents (stamped)
* Silver Lock & Latch
* Natural Lapis Body
* 3/4" inch long
* 9/16" inch wide
* c.1970's
* 4.61 grams

Vintage 18k Tiffany & Co. Lapis Ladybug Pin

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