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Vintage Artisan Crafted Brass Butterfly Ring


Unique Butterfly ring for that BoHo Chic summer vibe.  Hand crafted brass strips were used to create a floating butterfly that wraps your finger perfectly.  As this is an artisan piece, the edges are not perfectly symmetrical as would be expected.  There are seven (7) strips with bulbed ends that form the wings and two (2) beads that create the antenna that attach at to the center band.   Acquired in Texas and ready to flutter off to a new forever home.  A great gift for that summertime birthday.


* Brass
* Artisan Crafted
* No Maker's Mark
* Size 5.5 (US)
* 5.63 grams
* c. 1980's-90's


Brass is attributed to Mars and has a unique protective effect that enhances courage, healing and attracts abundance and wealth.

Vintage Artisan Crafted Brass Butterfly Ring

SKU: NA-210

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