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10k Black Onyx "1965" North Carolina Graduation Ring


This ring was purchased at an estate sale in the 1980's in Colorado by a man named Neto.  He moved his family to Mexico for a number of years and then to Texas.  Neto use to like wear it as a pink ring even though he himself was not a college graduate.  He said it made him feel fancy.   It has been in his family ever since and now it is looking for a new home.  Perfect gift for that North Carolina Graduate who loves history.  Perfect as a gent's pink ring or a ladies class ring.


  • Solid 10k Yellow Gold (stamped) by Balfour
  • Black Onyx Accent with no chips, cracks or scratches
  • Size 7
  • 6.63 grams
  • c.1965


Onyx is a type of chalcedony, which is a type of silica mineral. The lattice of chalcedony contains fine veins of quartz and moganite.  The word ‘onyx’ is derived from the Greek word for ‘claw’ or ‘nail’. The word refers to the flesh-toned variety of onyx, which may resemble a chipped off claw or nail if you find it lying around on the ground.  Onyx is a balancing, grounding stone, particularly black onyx. It is thought to help stimulate the root chakra.  Your root chakra is your grounding energy center. Other colors of onyx stimulate different chakras in your body, and are associated with different meanings as a result.  Onyx helps to reduce the intensity of emotions, whether negative or positive, and balances conflicting energies and drives. It is associated with good fortune and judgment, and also with fidelity.



10k Black Onyx "1965" North Carolina Graduation Ring

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