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14k Three Stone Sapphire Ring

Hefty Blue Sapphire Ring looking for a good home! This thick cigar band ring can be worn by a lady or as a pinky ring for a gentleman. The unique design tapers toward the back end and is very comfortable to wear. The comfort area under the dome allows for easy on and off. It is a custom piece that incorporates medium saturated sapphires into raised bezel settings. The stones are in fantastic condition with NO cracks, chips or breaks. The gold metal work is amazing with NO dents or cracks. All the way from a Florida and waiting for that special someone. A perfect birthday, anniversary or push gift.


  • Solid 14k Yellow Gold (stamped)
  • Natural Sapphires 1.25cts
  • Maked "JB" inside shank
  • Size 6.5
  • 8.9 grams
  • c.1970's-1980's
  • Appraisal Value $1,900.00 (Original Included)


The word sapphire comes from the Greek word "sappheiros" meaning "blue color." It is one of the four precious gemstones, along with   diamond, ruby, and the emerald.  Blue sapphire is regarded as a stone of mental focus and order, inner vision and psychic awareness. In chakra theory, sapphire is said to help open the third eye to receive wisdom and insight, as well as the throat chakra, which allows you to communicate that vision to others.  Associated with deep spirituality and devotion, sapphire is thought to bring peace and contentment to one's soul, as well as trust in the fulfillment of his or her destiny.

For new age enthusiasts and alternative healers, here are some additional properties attributed to the  sapphire:


  • Protect from negative energy 
  • Attract financial abundance
  • Promote mental clarity
  • Evoke the feelings of devotion
  • Strengthen integrity and intuition
  • Clear depression
  • Help eyesight
  • Bestow wisdom

14k Three Stone Sapphire Ring

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