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14k White Gold Filigree Heart Ring


Show someone how much you love them with this beautiful hand crafted filigree ring.  Constructed out of solid 14k white gold by Turkish artisans.  Fabulous peacock feather filigree designs adorn both sides of the band and the heart to the center.  Diamond cut edges give this ring a shine that glistens in the sunlight.  The ring sits flat and is light, so can be stacked with others or worn as an individual piece.  This was acquired from a lovely lady here in San Antonio.  It is now looking for a new forever home and someone to enjoy it.


* Solid 14k White Gold (stamped)
* Origin - Turkey (stamped)
* Hand Crafted
* Size 8 (US)
* Face Measures 9mm x 10mm
*1.98 grams
* c. 1990's


Gold is believed to act on the emotional system of the human body, stabilize it, help alleviate tension and stress and amplify positivity.


Gold has been used to enhance mental faculties, and in the rejuvenation of the endocrine system. It helps in balancing the right and left brain, and treats conditions associated with autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, and physical coordination.


The energy of gold is subtle yet apparent. It emits an energy which is both receptive and cooperative. And, for all those who wondered why Cleopatra was said to have a radiant skin – It is believed that Queen Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night.

14k White Gold Filigree Heart Ring

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