1920's Black & White Bead Flapper Necklace


A little piece of history has been kept in pristine condition!  My store currently has a few pieces from Ms. Martha's estate, and you guessed it, this is one of them.  Martha's son is looking to find a few good homes for his mother's jewelry items.  She was a wonderful woman who adopted her son and raised him as her own in a house filled with love and respect.  She worked as a social worker in Santa Fe, NM and acquired some lovely items.  Martha was not a wealthy woman, but without knowing it, acquired some remarkable that back in the day were affordable fashion pieces, that now just happen to be collectibles.  This necklace is a prime example.  It is an Art Deco Flapper necklace that has been safely stored away in a jewelry box for many years.  The white and black glass beads are secured nicely with double knotting in between each.  It is very hard to see as the string is black, but it looks as if the tassel area might be missing one of the small beads (please view photos).  Geometric in design this necklace is the perfect length for that crisp white shirt you have tucked away. I have worn this with a pink  t-shirt and white sweater and it looks fabulous!  A perfect gift as you don't need to worry about size.  Lets see if we can find this piece a new home.


  • Black & White Glass Beads on Black Thread
  • Small Accent Beads 2mm
  • White Round Beads 5mm
  • Black Faceted Tear Drop Beads 9mm at largest section
  • Black Geometric Beads 15 mm at widest section
  • No Manufacturing 
  • 22" inches in length
  • 47.6 grams
  • c.1920's-30's

1920's Black & White Bead Flapper Necklace

SKU: AM-133

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