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1920's Shell Cameo Brooch


Beautiful natural shell cameo brooch with lovely twist rope designed frame.  The cameo depicts a lady's profile with curls to her hair and a strand of pearls to her neckline.  The cameo is in great condition with NO cracks or chips.  The metal work is 12k gold fill and with NO damage to frame or safety latch and pin.  This maker's initials "H.G" are stamped on the back and could be for famed Austrian jeweler Heindl Gink. Beautifully crafted and ready to find a new home.  A perfect gift to celebrate a new chapter in one's life, a retirement, graduation or even that something old for a bride's bouquet.  


* 1/20 12k Gold Fill (stamped)
* Natural Shell
* Maker's Mark - "H.G" 
* Measure approx. 1 3/16" inches by 15/16" inches
* 6.40 grams
* c. Early 1900's - 1920's


Shell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making.  Shell promotes cooperation between the self and others, as well as within the self.  It provides cohesive energy for groups.


Gold symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of "All That Is".  It is symbolic of spirituality and development in the realm of complete understanding, allowing one to both attain and maintain communion with the source of all being.


Gold has been called "the master healer".  It is an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body.


Gold helps one to improve one's character via learning, lessening the trauma associated with situations experienced during the gain of knowledge. It assists one to activate, to mobilize, and to actualize the intrinsic potential of the self.

1920's Shell Cameo Brooch

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