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1940's Clip On Foil Backed Earrings


Fabulously Forties!  Shades of blues, pinks and yellows glisten brightly in the sun.  Perfect to add some sparkle to jeans and a sweater or round out your Retro Hollywood Glam look as a companion to a beautiful evening gown.   These foil backed clip on earrings are in great condition with very light wear from age.  There are NO chips or deep scratches to the crystals and the latches work perfectly.  These earrings also come with brand new clip cushions for a more comfortable fit.  A little piece of history for a great price!


* Silver Tone (not sterling)
* Foil Backed Crystals
* No Maker's Mark
* Measure approx. 1 5/8" inches long and 1 7/8" inches wide from side to side
* 18.36 grams
* c. 1940's


Foil backing (or foiling) is a gemstone surface enhancement technique where a thin sheet of metal or other material (sometimes colored) is placed behind the gemstone in order to reflect more light, and/or color, back into the stone and then towards the viewer. Therefore, the foil acts both as a reflector and a coloring agent. Most foiled gemstones are set in closed backs to shield protect the foil from deterioration. This technique has been applied since at least Minoan times (2000-1600 BC).

1940's Clip On Foil Backed Earrings

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