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1980's Alaskan Bead Novelty Boots


These hand crafted boots are from Alaska and in great condition!  Vibrant blue and red beads make up the boot with natural leather soles to the bottom.  These belong to a retired New Mexico archaeologist who is looking to find them a good home.  


* Hand Crafted
* No Maker's Mark
* Plastic Beads
* Natural Leather
* Each boot measures approx. 1" inch long x 3/4" inch wide
c. 1980's


Alaska's indigenous people, who are jointly called Alaska Natives, can be divided into five major groupings: Aleuts, Northern Eskimos (Inupiat), Southern Eskimos (Yuit), Interior Indians (Athabascans) and Southeast Coastal Indians (Tlingit and Haida).

1980's Alaskan Inuit Bead Novelty Boots

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