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Angel Skin Coral 1/20 12k Gold Fill Screw Back Earrings by Sorrento 


Intricate and lovely, these Retro earrings have it all!  Beautiful filigree and bead design accented by light-medium pink marquise shaped angel coral.  They go with any color or outfit.  In excellent condition with NO chips or scratches to coral.  Nice and light with screw back closure so you can adjust the pressure.  These earrings are from Colorado and were tucked away in a jewelry box for many years.  The lovely lady named whom I acquired these from is named Kay and had recently lost her mother to Parkinson Disease and was going through her items to help her father maneuver through the mourning process.  The earrings belonged to her grandmother along with many other items that were kept safe in her mom's jewelry box.  She decided to keep a few pieces that had sentimental value to her and her family and is now looking for a new home the other beautiful items.  These are original Sorrento earrings from the 1940's.  If you would like to read a little about the maker, please view below item points.


  • 1/20 12k Yellow Gold Fill (stamped)
  • Natural Angel Skin Coral Marquise 
  • Length 5/8" inch
  • Width 1/2" inch
  • Screw Back Closure
  • 3.49 grams
  • c.1940's


Sorrento was trademarked by the Uncas Manufacturing Company in 1911 in Providence, Rhode Island. Uncas was founded by Vincent Sorrentino, an Italian immigrant, and then was passed along to his son Stanley. Most of Sorrento jewelry is either gold plated or sterling silver with delicate and somewhat classic designs.  These vintage pieces have become highly collectible in recent years.  Vincent Sorrentino retired in 1960 and his son, Stanley Sorrentino, became the president of the company. Under Stanley's leadership, the firm continued its process of diversification. In the mid-1980s, Uncas became a supplier of character and theme merchandise for the Disney Corporation

Angel Skin Coral 1/20 12k Gold Fill Screw Back Earrings by Sorrento

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