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Antique 14k Shell Cameo Pendant/Brooch


Can be worn on a chain as a pendant or as a brooch.  It is not heavy so perfect for a scarf, sweater, coat, hat or as a bridal bouquet adornment.  Solid 14k gold frame with pendant loop that fold down. The pin and safety latch in perfect working order.  The shell has a depiction of a lady reclining on a shoreline boulder bidding farewell to a sailing ship in the distance.  There are a few hairline cracks from age and wear (priced accordingly) with no other damage to shell or metal work.  Comes with a full appraisal for insurance purposes.  This would make a lovely gift for that loved one who is in mourning or going through a divorce. 


* Solid 14k Yellow Gold (stamped & tested)
* No Maker's Mark
* Natural Shell 
* Measures 1 3/8" inches x 1 1/8" inches
* 6.9 grams
* circa. Early 1900's



Shell is known to relax and quiet the emotions and bring peace within yourself. Shell can facilitate visualization, imagination, intuition and help one communicate with spiritual masters of the world. Used in meditation shell can connect you with those spiritual masters, allowing their wisdom to come forward to the user.

Shell helps one to become more balanced and in harmony with nature and the forces of the Universe.


Shell has been known as the stone of regeneration and purification. It is known for providing boundless growth in all areas of life, stimulating imagination, adaptability, and assisting with sensitivity. Shell is also known to promote a binding energy for groups, allowing cooperation between the self and others to take place.


Shell is useful in stimulating one’s learning and retention capabilities, it helps to provide the person in recognizing that they can achieve intellectual control. Shell is said to have a very creative energy to it. Providing both intuitive and artistic energy to the user.

Antique 14k Shell Cameo Pendant/Brooch

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