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Art Deco Reverse Carved Glass Cameo Brooch


Amazingly beautiful and unique!  This large sterling silver glass cameo is a conversation starter.  The amber colored glass in reversed etched with a depiction of a torch bearer riding in a chariot being pulled by two horses.  The chariot is adorned with eight round accents and is set in a landscape scene with trees, bushes and grass.  Alongside the chariot runs a loyal dog, tail up high.  Hand etched with an artisan crafted silver frame. The cameo is in perfect condition with NO cracks or chips.  A fantastic gift for that special person in your life!  The brooch itself is not as heavy as you would think!  I would not use it on silk or a thin sweater, but it can easily be worn on a thick sweater, gent's sportscoat, ladies evening jacket, handbag, hat or as a collar cameo.  It would also make a perfect bride's something old for her bouquet.


* Sterling Silver (tested)
* Amber Colored Glass Reverse Cameo
* No Maker's Mark
* Measures approx. 2 1/8" inches wide x 1 11/16" inches tall
* 24.28 grams
* c. 1930's-40's

Art Deco Reverse Carved Glass Cameo Brooch

SKU: NA-123

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