RARE Victorian Gold Fill 56" Bead Chain


I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this chain!  It has the most unique double Rollo link pattern and is accented with round gold fill beads, floral plastic beads and one light purple milk glass bead.  This can be worn by doubling or tripling, or as one long stand alone strand.  This long necklace would have originally been used along with a pocket watch jump latch or with a eye glass jump ring.  It was very much the style for long chains to be used as adornment during this time period.  The spring ring shows some age but in proper working order and blends into chain pattern very well.  The accent beads show mild wear with NO cracks, chips or breaks.  The plastic beads are translucent and each has a unique floral pattern.  The chain links are nice and taught with NO missing links.  This would make a fantastic addition to your BoHo Chic ensemble or add that pop of color to a jumper.  


* Gold Fill Chain & Beads (tested)
* Glass Bead
* Plastic Bead
* No Maker's Mark
* 56" inches in length
* 47.49 grams
* c. 1890-1920

RARE Victorian Gold Fill 56" Bead Chain

SKU: AM-251

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