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Vintage 12k & Silver Bead Cross Necklace


This vintage piece is crafted out of burn silver tube beads, 12k yellow gold crosses and beads and shell.  The silver tube beads are meant to have a darker grey almost black coloring them and come to a stop in the center of necklace with natural shell beads that separate 12k gold beads and cross accents.  Hand crafted with a sterling twist barrel clasp that is in perfect working order.  The necklace is double-sided and there are NO breaks to the shell beads or the crosses.  It is smaller in size at 14" inches so would be perfect as a short necklace for a lady or at a regular length for a teenager.  All the way from New Mexico to Texas in search of a new home.  Let's see who falls in love with it today.


* No Artisan Marks
* Sterling Silver Tube Beads (acid tested)
* Natural Shell Bead Accents
* 12k Yellow Gold Cross Accents & Twist Beads (acid tested)
* 14" inches in length
* Center Beads and Cross Section measure approx. 1" inch wide
* 3.42 gram
* c. 1980's


The three crosses represent the crucifixion of Jesus and the two thieves.  Although this is true, the three crosses can represent much more than that. Some Christians use the three crosses to signify the Holy Trinity in, one cross being the father, the other being the son, and the third being the holy ghost. 

Vintage 12k & Silver Bead Cross Necklace

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