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Vintage Celluloid  Elephant Necklace


This amazing necklace looks fantastic against any color!   Celluloid  beads and elephant accents made to look like bone intertwine with silver tone beads.  Eight strands in ascending length are designed to give flow and fan out just right.  Each bead is multi-toned  for an authentic look.  Each piece is more durable than true bone and has NO cracks or breaks. There is mild wear to the silver tone beads with NO cracks or breaks.  The larger elephant accents in the middle measure approx. 1.5" inches tall by 1.25" inches wide.  The smaller elephant accents measure approx. 3/4" inch tall by 1" inch wide (all very in size) and dangle from each strand with a silver tone bead acting as a secure tie for thread.  The closure is a hook that is in perfect working order.  The larger silver tone beads measure approx. 1/2" in diameter, with smaller accent beads measuring approx. 4mm in diameter.  From the 1980's and ready to find a new forever home.  This piece was acquired in Texas from a jewelry collector's estate.  The perfect accent for your summer look.


* Carved Celluloid
* Silver Tone Accents (NOT Silver)
* No Maker's Mark
* Neck opening measures 20" inches long
* Total Dangle length measures 30" inches long
* Circa 1980's


Elephants - these gigantic majestic beings are traditionally considered symbols of good luck, nobility, wisdom, fertility, and protection. All across the world, the elephant has long been considered a sacred animal, although the spiritual symbolism of elephants changes slightly from culture to culture.


In India, an elephant is a symbol of royalty, divinity, and vitality, as well an auspicious agrarian symbol for rainfall. The Hindu God, Ganesh, is depicted as a six armed being with an elephant head and is known as the lord of new beginnings as well as the remover of obstacles. Learn more about Ganesh Here. 


In Africa, elephants symbolize royalty, sovereignty, tribal wisdom, and victory. Accounts of African mythology hold that elephants are reincarnations of deceased tribal chiefs, and as such elephants are respected and properly buried when they die.


The predominant “elephant symbol of” Japan is the depiction of the Buddhist deity Kangiten, or “Deva of Bliss” which is depicted as a woman and a man with elephant heads locked in an embrace.


In China elephant symbolism means the ability to understand the difference between good and bad, as well as wisdom, nobility, and fertility.


Elephants are powerful, wise, and protective presences that can help you better understand the world around you on a deeper, more intellectual and spiritual level. If you encounter elephants in your life, whether in pop culture, at a zoo, or in your dreams, pay attention. It is thought that an “elephant spirit animal” introducing itself to you is a sign that you need to overcome an obstacle in your life. The astrological sign of the elephant is a Taurus, and the elephant is associated with the root chakra, charging through blockages and offering energies of protection, love, loyalty, and quiet courage.

Vintage Celluloid  Elephant Necklace

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