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Vintage Crystal Clip On Earrings


These multi-colored foil backed crystal earrings are perfect for any ensemble!  Pink, green, blue and lavender stones are prong set in oval frames.  Clip backs are in perfect working order and a new set of clip cushions is included.  Silver with gold wash leaf and bead design add that Retro pop to your jeans and sweaters.  A light rope halo encircles the oval frame.


Foil backing has been around since the Minoan times (2000-1600 BC.)  The technique became less popular during the Victorian era when stone cutting became more precise.  During the great world war, foil backing became popular again do to the lack of resources.  France, Italy and the US all had a boom in the use of foiling.  The foil to these stones shows mild wear with NO loss or recess in foiling.  All stones show vivid colors with NO cracks or large chips.  


* Silver with Gold Wash
* Foil Backed Crystal Stones
* No Maker's Mark
* Measure approx. 1" inch x 7/8" inch
* 14.88 grams
* c. 1940's

Vintage Crystal Clip On Earrings

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