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Vintage Double Strand Faux Pearl Necklace


This beautiful faux Tahitian pearl necklace is not only stunning to look at, but quite rare as well!  Please continue reading after the description for a short history.  The necklace is a double stand and in very good condition with NO cracks, breaks or loss of color to beads, which is quite rare for faux pearls of this time period.  Each faux pearl is separated by a clear plastic bead, the original string is present and in great condition with NO loosening of edges or gapping between beads.  The silver end caps are shaped like three crescents and formed out of plastic, both in perfect condition.  The hook which can be latched to various segments for various lengths, is in perfect condition and stamped with "Japan".  The shortest length this necklace can be worn at is 19" inches and the longest is 21" inches with five additional lengths in-between.  There are a few imperfections to some of the faux pearls from it's original state, NOT from breakage or wear.  This would make a great necklace for travel as it looks like an truly expensive piece, but without the worry of theft or loss.  Looks fantastic with any color, but really pops against a crisp white shirt or with that red or pink sweater you have in your closet.


Japanese industrial factories started creating beautiful resin and plastic jewelry in the late 1940's-1950's after WWII.  The terms of the Japanese surrender were made clear in the surrender proclamation and in regards to industry as follows: "Japan shall be permitted to maintain such industries as will sustain her economy and permit the exaction of just reparations in kind, but not those which would enable her to rearm for war. To this end, access to, as distinguished from control of, raw materials shall be permitted. Eventual Japanese participation in world trade relations shall be permitted."  


This unconditional surrender led many of Japan's industrial heads to start creating items for trade, and with this a new form of fashion jewelry was created.  Japanese women were not accustom to the use of earrings, and rings, etc. so this new and affordable jewelry allowed them to indulge in western culture and luxuries that they had been introduced to.  Trade between the United States and Japan did not rely heavily on jewelry, so most of these fashion pieces that are found here in the states are from those military families who were stationed in Japan after the war or those who traveled there for work or vacation.  


All items from this era were required to be stamped :"Japan", this mark is found on the hook clasp (please view photos.)  

Vintage Double Strand Faux Pearl Necklace

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