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Vintage Hand Crafted Sterling Silver & Malachite Gent's Ring


For that special gent in your life that loves that substantial Southwest Style!  This hand crafted malachite ring by Tom Charley is not only a fantastic artisan creation, but priced well under retail settings.  This item is an example of Thomas's early work.  The large dark green malachite stone has mild scratching (please view photos) with NO cracks or chips, with white banding.  The sterling band has be designed with bears to each side, and the bear track, sun ray, and lighting symbols.  The face substantial at approx. 1" inch in length. Please view below for Thomas Charley bio.


  • Solid Sterling Silver (stamped)
  • Artisan Marks "TC" Thomas Charley - Navajo
  • Natural Green Malachite Stone to Center
  • Size 14.5 (US)
  • c. 1980's
  • 23.41 grams




Bear - Strength
Bear Track - Good Omen
Sun Ray - Constancy
Lighting - Speed


Thomas Charley was born in in 1952 into the Navajo Reservation.  He was born and raised in Crownpoint, New Mexico.  He has been creating jewelry since 1977.  He specializes in his own unique contemporary style that he has developed on his own.  He has always signed his jewelry with his logo TC Sterling.  Thomas is related to: Bessie and Doris Charley (sisters), Renee Charley (daughter) and Al Charley (brother) who also are known for their fine craftsmanship in the art of jewelry making.


A favored tool of alchemists and healers back in the day, Malachite has proven its worth over centuries when it comes to imparting wisdom on the body. It’s a stone known to keep blood pressure on the down low and its calming nature certainly helps this. Malachite also works in harmony with the bones, encouraging quick healing for broken bones, torn muscles, and problems with the joints.


Malachite is an amazing stone at helping diminish fears, not just in an emotional way but also in helping the body deal with the pounding heart and sweats that can accompany resistance to change and phobias. This is perhaps how Malachite also earnt its reputation as being a talisman for travelers, particularly those who fear to step on airplanes or who suffer from travel sickness.

Vintage Hand Crafted Sterling Silver & Malachite Gent's Ring

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