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Vintage "Kramer" Gold Tone Smokey Topaz Clip On Earrings


I picked up these little bad boys in Colorado during one our trips.  The gentleman I acquired them from was selling a few of his sister's items.  She has passed about a year ago and he was at the point where he felt comfortable letting some thing go.   When he was widowed he moved back in with his sister in their family home to save money and they kept one another company for almost 30 years.  These were a pair of her church earrings.


These earrings are high end costume earrings with magnificent color.  They are mid range when it comes to weight.  Heavy enough that you know they are there, but not so much that they fall off.  I always recommend plastic clip sleeves for comfort.  Very little wear with NO large chips or deep scratches.  


  • Vintage Kramer Clip On Earrings (maker's mark)
  • Natural Smokey Topaz with Tapered Edge
  • 15/16" inch Square
  • 24.29 grams
  • c. 1960's
  • No Appraisal

Vintage "Kramer" Gold Tone Smokey Topaz Clip On Earrings

SKU: IS-19

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