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Vintage Rostov Enamel Brooch


This beautiful hand applied enamel brooch comes tucked away in it's original box with paper insert.  A vibrant lilac rose sits to the center and is accented by green leaves, purple bell and tiny blue flowers.  Nice bright white enamel to the background.  In perfect condition with NO chips, cracks or surface crazing.  The silver filigree has NO missing sections or dents and back latch in perfect working order.  Would make a perfect gift!  Can be used for coats, sweaters, thick scarves, hats or bags.  For a short Rostov history read below specifics.


* Solid Fine Silver (tested)
* Porcelain Center
* Hand Applied Enamel
* Measures 1 15/16" inches x 1 1/4" inches
* Beads measure approx. 2mm
* 14.94 grams
* c. 1970's


“Rostov finift” – Russian folk art craft; exists since the XVIII century in the city of Rostov Yaroslavl region. Miniature images are made on enamel with transparent refractory paints, invented in 1632 by the French jeweler Jean Tuten.   It turns out that the concept of Rostov finift is a part of the broader concept of enamel. 


“The Russian word “finift” comes from the Greek” finigitis “, which in translation means a bright, shiny stone”. Finift, which in Europe is called enamel, is a special kind of applied art in which the material, in the form of a glassy mass, colored by metal oxides”.


Art of painting on enamel has arisen in Rostov in 1760's when first workshop was organized at archbishop house. Later individual masters worked under orders of local churches and monasteries. They wrote small icons which were used basically for decoration of subjects of church use. In second half of XVIII artists had influance of baroque style that was combined with icon painting tradition and with elements of people folk crafts. 


During XIX century manufacture of enamel goods and jewelry in Rostov has got mass production scale. The number of artists increased, the narrow specialization connected to separate stages of process of manufacturing of products has appeared. Small enamel production factories were found - they consist of the master - owner, one - two journeymen and one or two pupils. In second half of XIX century way of production and distribution was changed. The leading position in the organization of a craft was a dealer who delivered materials in workshops, bought and marketed finished goods in different cities of Russia. Mass production of products has increased, main part of products were small icons .

Vintage Silver Rostov Enamel Brooch

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